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1This is not the full list of commands for the Idle RPG bot, but only the list
2of admin commands. For more information on the Idle RPG bot, visit
5INFO, retrieve some fairly useless stats about the bot.
7DIE, kills the bot.
9HOG, summon the Hand of God spell. See the main help file.
11RESTART, restarts the bot.
13CHPASS <char name> <new password>, change a character's pass in the IRPG.
15CHCLASS <char name> <new class name>, change a character's class in the IRPG.
17CHUSER <char name> <new char name>, change a character's username in the IRPG.
18 Please only use in very special circumstances; otherwise, have them form
19 a new player and DEL the old one. This should not let you overwrite an
20 existing account, but is untested.
22PUSH <char name> <seconds>, push a player toward his goal by subtracting time
23 from his next time to level. Please use this only if bot has mistakenly
24 penalized someone. You could also use this to punish a user by setting
25 the number of seconds to a negative number. Don't do that.
27DEL <char name>, remove a user's account.
29JUMP <server[:port]>, move the bot to another server.
31SILENT <mode>, switch bot between 4 modes of silence.
32 - mode 0, bot sends all privmsgs.
33 - mode 1, only chanmsg() is disabled.
34 - mode 2, only privmsg()/notice() to non-channels is disabled.
35 - mode 3, privmsgs/notices to users and channels are disabled.
37BACKUP, tell bot to copy $opts{'dbfile'} to .dbbackup/$opts{'dbfile'}TIMESTAMP
39RELOADDB, force bot to reload player database file, rewriting all memory.
40 RELOADDB can only be used while in pause mode.
42PAUSE, toggle pause mode.
44PEVAL <code>, execute arbitrary argument as Perl code. Queues output > 3 lines
45 or >1k of text. Some useful PEVAL commands:
46 - Delete all accounts not logged in in 4 weeks (See also: DELOLD):
47 /msg bot PEVAL delete $rps{$_} for grep { time()-$rps{$_}{lastlogin} > 3600*24*7*4 && !$rps{$_}{online} } keys %rps;
48 - Remove one hour from everyone's clocks:
49 /msg bot PEVAL $rps{$_}{next} -= 3600 for keys %rps;
50 - List all online users, separated by commas:
51 /msg bot PEVAL join(', ',grep { $rps{$_}{online} } keys %rps);
52 - View contents of a file on remote host:
53 /msg bot peval `cat file`
54 - Turn on debug mode:
55 /msg bot peval $opts{debug}=1;
56 - Force write-out of database:
57 /msg bot peval writedb();
59DELOLD <days>, remove all non-logged-in accounts inactive in the last <days>
60 days.
62CLEARQ, clear the outgoing message queue. Useful to use if someone floods the
63 bot with a lot of text that it plans to respond to.
65MKADMIN <username>, set the isadmin flag for a given username.
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