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1This is the ChangeLog for the Idle RPG Website Code. I'm not as religious about
2making sure my updates make it here as I am about changes to the IRPG code
3making it into that ChangeLog, so there may be changes between versions that you
4don't see listed here.
6Also, please note that any use of "incowrect" or other cow-related "typos" are
7NOT typos. I like cattle. A lot. Please stop fixing them :^)
92004-07-17 Jon Honeycutt <>
10 * huge modification of the entire source by the original coder, res0
11 <>. res0 has really helped this project through his many
12 contributions; it wouldn't be where it is today without him. thanks, res0!
13 * New site layout (valid XHTML 1.1 strict) using CSS
14 * Cleaned up PHP
15 * User maps do not display unless visitor clicks 'display' link
16 * changed fgets() calls to add the optional second parameter (for old PHPs)
17 * removed incorrect header() in makequestmap() (mikegrb)
18 * checked to make sure key $_SESSION['time'] was set before attempting to
19 reference it (HarK0nNeN)
20 * db.php's table tag now specifies the number of rows and columns to make
21 drawing faster in browsers that pay attention to it (res0)
22 * header("Location: ") directives now give full URIs
23 * made better use of htmlentities() and urlencode()s as relates to display
24 of usernames and classes
25 * users on quest and world maps are now clickable, leading to their player
26 info page (John Nielsen)
282004-05-31 Jon Honeycutt <>
29 * changed players.php to show offline users as gray, this style is in
30 header.php, patch from Chewie <>
31 * changed map-drawing PHP scripts to draw a transparent image which is then
32 overlayed (using CSS) over the static newmap.png image. changed the map
33 drawing frequency to 1/user/20s as I think this greatly decreases CPU
34 usage. changed the maperror.png to something more appropriate. $mapx
35 and $mapy in config.php describe the dimensions of your map file (Rick)
36 * fixed quest.php to show proper coordinates; another evil c/p error (Rick)
382004-05-23 Jon Honeycutt <>
39 * changed most everything to make sense with the new database
40 * edited dump.php to display data in the same format, despite the new
41 database format.
42 * added an xml.php page that takes a 'player' argument and displays
43 information on that user in xml 1.0 format. should allow a better API
44 as far as compatibility with newer dbs goes
45 * changed playerview.php to use fgets() to read from modifiers.txt.
46 hopefully this is much faster
47 * edited playerview.php to show map and XML data link
48 * changed the counter in footer.php to strip the leading path information
49 from $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] before using it to identify the page
50 * removed some unused $i variable from players.php
51 * created quest.php which shows active quest info
52 * created makequestmap.php which draws a quest map if quest type is 2,
53 redirects otherwise
54 * created worldmap.php which shows the active state of the irpg world
55 * created makeworldmap.php which draws the world map
56 * created makemap.php which takes a 'player' argument and draws them on the
57 map
58 * commonfunctions.php now has functions to sort by isadmin flag and player
59 alignment
60 * index.php updated with information on the new game features
61 * changed titles on several pages to use $irpg_chan instead of hard-coded
62 #G7
63 * updated header.php to link to new pages and forum
64 * changed 'time modifiers' to 'character modifiers' as item modifiers are
65 now stored, also
672004-05-23 Alexander Hirzel <>
68 * submitted a series of patches to correct, among other things, the horrible
69 use of <td> where <th> was more appropriate
712004-04-22 Jon Honeycutt <>
72 * if $_GET['alltime'] wasn't set, < and > in time modifiers were not
73 translated to &lt; and &gt; (thanks DinTx)
74 * attempted to fix playerview.php from showing others' stats, traded
75 stristr() for strstr() matching either "^name ", " name ", or "^name's "
772004-04-23 Jonathan Attwell <>
78 * created README, detailing how users are to install and what to edit.
79 * created config.php, which holds all the setup variables.
80 * cleaned up some of the php coding.
822004-04-15 Jon Honeycutt <>
83 * we now stripslashes() on $_GET['player'] for players.php,
84 playerview.php, dump.php (thanks Diab)
862004-04-05 Jon Honeycutt <>
87 * removed some of parallax's tabs :^)
88 * edited players.php to forward requests for specific players to the proper
89 playerview.php
90 * changed links in sitesource.php to be fully-qualified
91 * removed preg_grep in playerview.php, which insecurely used tainted
92 data. switched to stristr. (thanks
93 * stripped < and > from modifiers.txt output (thanks
94 * changed link to idlerpg-adv.txt in players.php to be fully-qualified.
95 (thanks daxxar)
96 * may've made other changes, not sure.
982004-02-15 Jon Honeycutt <>
99 * edited source.php to provide fully-qualified URLs to source files;
100 easier for users to follow license.
101 * playerview.php's 'View all Time Modifiers' link now displays the
102 number of time modifiers.
103 * contact.php now sends a From: field in its headers parameter.
1052004-01-31 Titus Barik <>
106 * created ChangeLog, following Debian ChangeLog format.
107 * modified header.php to be location independent via $BASE_URL var.
108 * players.php and playerview.php are now separate files.
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