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1C was bitten by drdink
2C fell into a hole
3C bit their tongue
4C set themself on fire
5C ate a poisonous fruit
6C lost their mind
7C died, temporarily..
8C was caught in a terrible snowstorm
9C EXPLODED, somewhat..
10C got knifed in a dark alley
11C saw an episode of Ally McBeal
12C got turned INSIDE OUT, practically
13C ate a very disagreeable fruit, getting a terrible case of heartburn
14C met up with a mob hitman for not paying his bills
15C has fallen ill with the black plague
16C was struck by lightning
17C was attacked by a rabid cow
18C was attacked by a rabid wolverine
19C was set on fire
20C was decapitated, temporarily..
21C was tipped by a cow
22C was bucked from a horse
23C was bitten by a møøse
24C was sat on by a giant
25C ate a plate of discounted, day-old sushi
26C got harassed by peer
27C got lost in the woods
28C misplaced his map
29C broke his compass
30C lost his glasses
31C walked face-first into a tree
32G found a pair of Nikes
33G caught a unicorn
34G discovered a secret, underground passage
35G was taught to run quickly by a secret tribe of pygmies that know how to, among other things, run quickly
36G discovered caffeinated coffee
37G grew an extra leg
38G was visited by a very pretty nymph
39G found kitten
40G learned Perl
41G found an exploit in the IRPG code
42G tamed a wild horse
43G found a one-time-use spell of quickness
44G bought a faster computer
45G bribed the local IRPG administrator
46G stopped using dial-up
47G invented the wheel
48G gained a sixth sense
49G got a kiss from drwiii
50G had his clothes laundered by a passing fairy
51G was rejuvenated by drinking from a magic stream
52G was bitten by a radioactive spider
53G hit it off with a drunk sorority chick named Jenny
54G was accepted into Pi Beta Phi
55Q2 225 415 280 460 lay waste to the Towers of Ankh-Allor, wherein lies the terrible sorceror Croocq
56Q1 locate the centuries-lost tomes of the grim prophet Haplashak Mhadhu
57Q2 400 475 480 380 explore and chart the dark lands of T'rnalvph
58Q1 locate the ancient writings of Ahmo, prophet of the blind god Io, namely his last and hidden work, Time as Deity, thought to answer all of mankind's greater wonders
59Q2 290 65 325 270 slay the great and horrible troll, Dokt'r Wiii
60Q2 480 415 325 270 return the stolen relics of Iao-Sabao to the city of Velvragh, quieting the religious riot that has sprung up from their loss
61Q2 70 315 325 270 guard the secret passage to Bharash until the full moon has passed, and the evil returned to its resting place
62Q2 50 350 325 270 destroy the bandits terrorizing the roads passing through the Great Shahlil mountains
63Q1 locate and destroy the immensely powerful Eyeless Amulet of the evil sorceress, Ankh B'loht
64Q2 167 458 325 270 rescue the beautiful princess Juliet from the grasp of the beast Grabthul
65Q1 locate the herbs and brew the elixir to rid the realm of the Normonic Plague
66Q2 160 480 160 380 hunt down the over-abundance of mountain wolves that are slaying the regions' cows
67Q2 35 40 325 270 assassinate the general, Ronald Ashur, of the invading army of Denmark
68Q2 235 125 430 60 setup a trade route through the mountains to the neighboring land of Qwok and arrange correspondence with their leader, Cuincey-Love Vikk'l
69Q2 155 155 325 270 live among and learn the ancient magick of the tribe of pygmie people, the Jow Botzi
70Q2 70 125 170 100 kill the resurrected Jow Botzian zombies produced by a young wizard's wayward spell
71Q1 worship the sacred Cow until such time as she is satiated
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