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1# Configuration file for IRPG bot. Prefix comments with a #. Line must start
2# with a # to be a comment (no leading spaces and no comments starting in the
3# middle of a line).
5# If you don't personally know your admins, or you're just not the trusting
6# type, you may want to look at the ownerpevalonly, owneraddonly, and
7# ownerdelonly options. ownerpevalonly prevents non-owner accounts from using
8# the PEVAL command, which can allow admins to execute arbitrary code under the
9# username that the bot runs as. owneraddonly prevents non-owner accounts from
10# assigning admin status to users. ownerdelonly prevents non-owner accounts from
11# removing admin status from users
13# 'disablepeval' option was renamed to 'ownerpevalonly'
15# Command line options override options in this file.
17# remove or comment out this line so the bot knows that you edited the config
18# file
21# Use ipv6 to connect to irc server?
22ipv6 off
24# set language
25lang fr_FR
27# local hostname or address to bind to. leave blank or comment out if you don't
28# want to use a vhost
31# server name:port, enter as many as you like
34# bot's nickname
35botnick Schlavbeuk2
37# bot's username
38botuser grand_schtroumpf
40# real name field
43# channel name (followed by key, if your channel uses a key
44botchan #puolb
46# (identify) command to send upon successful connect. if using a privmsg
47# command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" -- see below
48botident PRIVMSG NickServ :identify whatthefuck
50# modes to set bot upon successful connect
51botmodes +ix
53# command to send upon joining channel. %botnick% will evaluate to the bot's
54# current nickname, so you don't have to worry about opping the wrong person. if
55# using a privmsg command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" --
56# see below
57botopcmd PRIVMSG ChanServ :op %botchan% %botnick%
59# command sent to recover nick if bot's primary nickname is in use if using a
60# privmsg command, you must begin the text of the message with a ":" -- see
61# below
62botghostcmd PRIVMSG NickServ :ghost %botnick% whatthefuck
64# URL to send users to for help
67# admin commands list (for admin help)
70# base time to level up, 600 = 10 minutes
71rpbase 600
73# base time for items to level down, 600 = 10 minutes
74rpitembase 50
76# time to next level = rpbase * (rpstep ** CURRENT_LEVEL)
77rpstep 1.16
79# penalty time = penalty * (rppenstep ** CURRENT_LEVEL)
80rppenstep 1.14
82# player database file
83dbfile irpg.db
85# item database file
86itemdbfile mapitems.db
88# where quests/godsends/calamities are stored
89eventsfile eventsnainwak.txt
91# debug mode on/off flag, merely prints what text was received, what queue
92# number outgoing text is given, and what text is sent to server (to the
93# debug file, no longer to STDOUT)
94debug off
96# choose filename to send debug output to. text is appended to this file
97# while the bot is in debug mode, in lieu of STDOUT
98debugfile debug.txt
100# Use URL-type banning for non-logged-in users that have been on the channel
101# less than 90 seconds?
102doban on
104# URLs containing these terms will not be banned by the 'http:'
105# advertisement ban (if you have it turned on). enter as many as you like
110# modes of silence. in mode 0, bot sends all privmsgs. in mode 1, only
111# chanmsg() is disabled. in mode 2, only privmsg() to non-channels is
112# disabled. in mode 3, privmsgs to users and channels are disabled
113silentmode 0
115# write quest info file? all this file does is give outside programs info
116# about the active quests, its participants, their positions, and time to
117# completion
118writequestfile on
120# filename for the above-mentioned file
121questfilename questinfo.txt
123# voice users on login (and register)? if you like, you can set your channel
124# +m, then +v clients as they login, cutting down on spam. however, if your
125# users generally bring in a second client to chat with, that client won't
126# be able to speak in the channel
127voiceonlogin on
129# disallow usernames and character classes with control codes (bold, color,
130# underline, bell, etc)?
131noccodes on
133# disallow usernames and character classes that contain "non-printable"
134# characters? it's a good idea to leave this option on, as I have had
135# problems in the past with using binary hash keys
136nononp on
138# URL where users can reach the online quest map, if available. if not
139# offering a map to users, leave this blank
142# allow a STATUS command for users? this is a p0 command to view information
143# on an irpg user. useful if you don't have a website where users can view
144# their stats
145statuscmd off
147# filename to write our PID to. leave blank or comment out if pidfile is
148# unnecessary to you
151# attempt to reconnect if disconnected?
152reconnect on
154# seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect? don't hammer your irc
155# network, please; 90+ seconds is suggested
156reconnect_wait 120
158# this is what the bot considers to be an "internal clock" of sorts. some
159# examples of where this is used: $freemessages lines of text from the
160# message queue are sent every self_clock seconds; every self_clock seconds,
161# the players move on the map (self_clock times to simulate movement every
162# second); HOGs, calamities, godsends, etc. are given a chance to occur
163# every self_clock seconds; and the list goes on. if you have problems with
164# the bot flooding off, try increasing this number to 4 or 5. if your bot
165# appears to 'lag' because it is queueing too much text, you can set this
166# as low as 1. this must be an integral value (no fractions), and it must be a
167# factor of 60 (or certain events will not occur, like database rewrites)
168self_clock 3
170# file into which character modifier texts are appended
171modsfile modifiers.txt
173# disallow the registration of usernames already existing in a different
174# case? ie, jon == Jon == JON
175casematters on
177# allow rudimentary netsplit detection, and a) give no penalty and b) log
178# them back in upon return? I always suggest to users that they switch to
179# the server that the bot is on, but this has been a frequent request, so.
180# will pick up quit messages that match /^\S+\.\S+ \S+\.\S+$/. if your
181# network does not prefix quit messages with "Quit: " (or something other
182# string), then users can cheat this at their whim
183detectsplits on
185# auto-login clients (after netsplit, ping timeout ...) if they haven't
186# changed their nick!user@host
187autologin on
189# time to wait for netsplit users to return? in seconds. 900 = 15 minutes, good
190# for large nets
191splitwait 900
193# allow non-admin users some information on the bot, such as the server it
194# is connected to and the nicknames of online admins via a p0 INFO command?
195allowuserinfo on
197# ignore the new scaling features and use the old method for calculating the
198# odds of events occurring? if you have a very large game and were
199# comfortable with the speed that HoGs, Godsends, Calamities, etc. were
200# occurring, you may want to set this
201noscale off
203# allow bot to access each
204# time someone registers a new username? it only takes a second, and I'd
205# really like to be able to keep up with the total player count :^)
206phonehome on
208# username of the bot's owner. this account cannot be DELADMINed and has access
209# to PEVAL even if it is disabled
210owner DT
212# disable the PEVAL command for non-owner accounts? this command allows the
213# execution of arbitrary Perl code by bot admins, effectively giving them
214# complete control of the account under which the bot runs. I prefer to leave
215# this command available and choose my admins with care, but, whatever :^)
216ownerpevalonly off
218# only owner account can use the MKADMIN command to assign admin status to
219# users?
220owneraddonly on
222# only owner account can use the DELADMIN command to remove admin status from
223# users?
224ownerdelonly on
226# check for newer versions each time the bot starts up? this will access the
227# URL$version and report on
228# any updated versions and what features there are/bugs have been fixed
229checkupdates off
231# send list of usernames that are automatically logged back in when we restart
232# (iff that list is < 1 k)? this should, hopefully, no longer cause the bot to
233# flood off. the function that sends text to the server will no longer send more
234# than 768 bytes to the server every self_clock seconds. the old function would
235# send as much as 5 * 512b or 2.5k each self_clock seconds, and as this was
236# usually the feature that caused such a large amount of text to be sent at
237# once, if your channel had a large amount of users, this would cause it to
238# flood off. so, though I think the bug is fixed, I offer the option to turn
239# this off
240senduserlist on
242# limit maximum amount of penalty for one event? this will prevent a user from
243# being penalized more than <X> seconds for one event: part, privmsg, notice,
244# kick, etc. set to 0 if you want to disable limiting.
245# 604800 == 7 * 86400 == 1 week
246limitpen 604800
248# if you would like a custom-sized map, define the width of your map here:
249mapx 500
251# if you would like a custom-sized map, define the length of your map here:
252mapy 500
254# specify modes / line. the bot will override this from what it grabs from the
255# server's 005 numeric, though, if anything. used only for auto-login voicing
256modesperline 3
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